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Savings and Investments

PoundsThe world of savings and investments can be confusing. From ISAs and savings accounts, to stocks and shares, there is a wide choice of options.

Anderson Lloyd provides investment help allowing you to use your savings to accumulate wealth whilst ensuring that it is being conserved in relation to the amount of risk that you wish to take. More importantly, we understand the importance of regularly reviewing portfolios to ensure that they are achieving their objectives.

This is possible because of a robust investment process which focuses on the client, their situation, tax status, need for income or capital accumulation, the time horizon for investing and finally on their understanding of the relationship between risk and return.

Like most financial advisers, we use independent risk assessment tools to discuss the issue with each client to ensure that the concept is fully appreciated.

We are committed to bringing together a panel of professional partners in the field of investment, who have investment processes that match the differing requirements of our clients.  These partners are discretionary portfolio managers, who provide either individual bespoke portfolios or who have created a series of risk rated models to match the risk profiles of all of our clients.

Working this way benefits our clients by reducing the investment overlap, which is an inherent problem with IFA built portfolios of collectives – there is a wider spread of asset classes and portfolios are actively managed on a daily basis.

Our investment advisers regularly interview managers, monitoring their performance on behalf of our clients. Principally, we are looking at how each management team manages downside risk, how they build their portfolios and models and what they charge for their services.

As we are whole of market advisers, we tailor portfolios to our clients’ needs – enabling them to take as much control over their day to day investment decisions as they wish.

As time goes by, attitudes to risk change, as do people’s circumstances. We offer review meetings on a regular basis together with quarterly reports and meetings with fund managers to ensure that everything is going in the right direction.

Starting OutNew FamilyChildren Growing UpRetiring

Starting out

Anderson Lloyd can provide savings advice – whether it be saving for a deposit, a wedding or just accumulating savings, we can advise you on how to efficiently invest your money so that it is tax efficient, cost effective and matches your attitude to risk.

New family

Disposable income may be low but you may have the children’s future to be thinking about. We can help you devise a strategy to be able to pay for university or private school fees. This may be either as a regular contribution or through lump sums. Again saving tax efficiently will enable your funds to grow quicker.

Children growing up

It is also important to review your investments to ensure that they are performing as expected and to ensure that you diversify your risk. One type of investment may not be suitable and you may wish to spread your risk through varied investments as overlaps in portfolios may expose you to more risk than you are prepared to take. You may wish to start withdrawing your investments in the right way – it is essential to receive advice and to have a strategy on how to do this so it can be done tax efficiently.


Your objectives may change in retirement – the investments that you have may be more geared towards income generating funds or you may wish to reinvest. Taking income is taxable so it is important that you do this efficiently and in a timely manner. Your attitude to risk may become more cautious and it is essential that your investments reflect this.

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