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Finding the Right Balance

A range of risk-targeted portfolios to meet individual investor needs for income or growth, with the aim of achieving current and future goals, through diversified investment strategies.

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Unique Portfolio Service

Anderson Lloyd LLP, in partnership with Walker Crips Investment Management are pleased to offer a series of six income and growth portfolios which can be blended or used independently and are designed to help clients achieve their investment objectives within their accepted level of risk, individual situation and the time they expect to hold their investments.

What’s Unique?

  • No platform charge, no hidden fund charges or fees. Straight forward simple fees.
  • Actively managed including direct equities and bonds to help reduce costs and Risk Targeted to help maintain on-going suitability
  • Joint seminars where investors can actually meet the person who manages the money
  • In certain circumstances joint meetings with both Anderson Lloyd and Walker Crips team members.
  • Local people providing a dynamic local solution

Foresight Portfolio

Income or Growth

These portfolios, one for income and one for growth, are suited to our clients that like to try and achieve returns over and over that achieved by deposit-based accounts, but without taking large levels of risk with their money. These portfolios will be exposed to some market volatility but will have a bias toward more secure, less volatile fixed interest instruments.


Income or Growth

These portfolios are suited to our clients that like to achieve long term growth over and above that of cash and are more prepared to accept high levels of volatility to try and achieve better returns. However, in this balanced approach we will still be holding assets that are more secure to help underpin the portfolio.



This portfolio is suited to clients that are looking to achieve long-term capital growth in an actively managed portfolio that may include higher risk investments. It will suit clients that are happy to take long-term view of their investment and would be comfortable riding out market downturns in order to achieve long-term capital growth.


Income or Growth

This portfolio is suited to clients looking to invest in companies and funds which have a socially responsible approach.  More and more companies are joining the call to become more socially responsible but clearly the number of investment opportunities overall is reduced and the concern is that this will produce higher volatility.  However, with the use of sovereign debt, high grade securities and equities from the FTSE For Good Index a balance can be struck to reduce volatility.



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