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Budget Post Mortem

Budget Day 2017 has passed, the media frenzy surrounding it has quietened down. The devil is always in the detail and whilst there was a great deal of sound and fury over continuing debt, measures to try and increase house building, infrastructure and IT businesses, there was little for the ordinary consumer in the way […]

Harnessing Technology

Useful word ‘harnessing’.  Means to bring under control. There’s much talk amongst our Adviser colleagues about ‘Robo’ Advice.  This is where the consumer chooses on line from a decision tree the right pension or investment for themselves.  So if it all goes wrong, it’s the Robot’s fault.  Now is it possible to hold a Robot […]

Socially Responsible and Ethical Portfolio

In the past it’s been understood that investing in Ethical funds would result in two things – a smaller selection of investment opportunities and a lower yield. But times have changed.  In February we reported our first tranche of investment monies into Vision, our socially responsible and ethical fund. It has exceeded our expectation and our manager at Walker Crips […]

FCA focus on Fund Charges

If you are an investor and the stock market is climbing, who cares about the cost of managing the money. When a ‘market correction’ takes place – your fund value drops, then charges are an issue The FCA are right to challenge the Fund Management Houses, who claim to actively manage the money. Because when […]

Advice after the Election: Do nothing slowly

Since the Referendum in June 2016 there has been a great deal of uncertainty. If the Election was to provide a clear direction, it’s failed.  Uncertainty has increased. Despite this we and our investment partners are clear. After the Brexit vote we began to de- risk our portfolios. Having done so  we still have seen reasonable growth. Now is not […]

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